How to Use Twitter for Business

how to use twitter for business
Use Twitter to build relationships and trust around yourself and your business. It can help you increase sales, get more leads or satisfy your customers. You must have a plan and understand Twitter rules.

It can help you develop long lasting relationships, help people understand your business and build a level of trust and familiarity that keeps them coming back. It creates a long-term conversation with your clients and potential clients/target market. You have to invest time in these long-term conversations and you’ll reap the benefits.

Think of Twitter as your neighborhood. Don’t be the person in your neighborhood who is rude, irritating and is always trying to sell something. Soon, everyone hears about this neighbor and avoids him. The main mistakes business owners make on Twitter are to constantly talk (tweet) about themselves and how great they are or try to sell a product or service immediately. It’s not about sell, sell, sell. It’s not about me, me, me. It’s not about talk (tweet), talk (tweet), talk (tweet). If you don’t follow this rule, you won’t have many followers to help you grow your business.

There are lots of real time conversations going on about almost every topic you can imagine. Join these conversations (tweets)  like you would if you were at a party or social event. Don’t barge in, interrupt a conversation, and start talking (tweeting) about yourself or your products and services.

Just like you would listen at a party and join in on a conversation that interests you. You find groups to listen to (read their comments/posts) on Twitter by searching for groups of people that have common interests or who may chat (tweet) about something related to your profession.
Mix and Mingle-find groups that are talking about topics that are relevant to your business, product or services. These are the conversations you want to join and the types of groups you want to focus on and interact with.
A couple of tools you can use to find these conversations are:
Twitter Local

Helps you find Twitter users by geographic location.
Twitter Search
Enter keywords to see the latest Tweets on any topic
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