Benefits of Using Google AdWords

In this article, I wanted to share more insight into the Google AdWords pay-per-click program.

The Google Network reaches 80% of Internet users worldwide. The Google Network consists of Web properties, including Google properties, partner search sites, and content properties. They include major Web portals and sites that are enrolled in the Google AdSense program.  With these channels, advertisers’ campaigns can reach some of the best-known e-commerce sites on the Web, like, and content sites targeted to users with special interests, like

The Google Network allows advertisers to reach millions of qualified users by distributing ads on search results and relevant Web content on a wide variety of sites and products.  Advertisers can choose to show their ads on Google’ssearch network, content network, or both. Note that all ads are opted-in to appear on the Google Network unless advertisers edit their distribution preferences. And by default, AdWords ads appear on the search results pages of Your ads are distributed continuously and on a massive scale.

First, there is no minimum spending limit. You can spend a small amount at first…to test new keywords and ads…and then increase spending when you become comfortable with the success of your advertising. Google welcomes all advertisers, regardless of budget constraints.

Secondly, you can choose your daily spending limit. Google displays your ads so that the number of clicks you receive does not exceed your daily budget. You choose the maximum amount you are willing to spend for each click on your ads. Google never charges you more than this maximum amount. In fact, Google’s automated auction system often charges you less than the maximum you are willing to pay. You pay for clicks on your ads. You are charged only when users are interested enough in your product or service to go to your website, and possibly become your customer. Google charges for advertising on a cost-per-click basis. Advertisers pay when a consumer clicks on their ad. This is called a pay-for-performance, or pay-per-click model. Contrast this with the majority of online advertising, where pricing is based ad impressions; this is usually a fee per thousand impressions.  There are no guarantees that a consumer will actually click through to the advertiser’s website with that model.

With AdWords free conversion tracking and online reporting, advertisers get customizable reports that continuously track their sales conversions and return on investment. These reports can also be emailed automatically on a regular basis.  These capabilities give the advertiser full control over their campaign spend and clear insight into performance.

Another benefit to advertisers is the timing of AdWords. In internet advertising, timing is very important. GoogleAdWords ads connect you with new customers by being in the right place, and, more importantly, by engaging them at precisely the right moment. Ads are continuously matched to internet users’ interests. The fact that they’re on the Web, actively reading pages and searching terms related to your product, means they’re likely to be interested in what you have to offer. It also means they’re likely to act by clicking on your ad to visit your site for more information or, even better, to convert into a customer of yours.

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of the AdWords system. Whether creating a new account or editing an existing ad, you can see your new ads on Google quickly.
You also have the flexibility to change your ads whenever you like. The AdWords system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the number of changes you can make is unlimited. You also have the flexibility of targeting different populations by location and language, which allows you to create targeted ads that will appeal to your audience.

To summarize, Google AdWords offers unparalleled results for advertisers. AdWords also offers a high return on your investment with minimal risk. It costs nothing to start, and you pay only when users click on your ads. Timing is everything, and with AdWords your ad appear when users are searching for your product or a related word, and will be there through all stages of the buying cycle.

Finally, Google AdWords offers you complete flexibility and control, so that you have the power to make your advertising campaigns as successful as possible. Start advertising in 15 minutes, and enjoy the ability to make unlimited changes to your account.  Plus, you can target ads to the specific location & language of your users.

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