Small Business Marketing in 10 Hours a Week

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Small Business Marketing in 10 Hours a Week

Throughout our 11 years in business, we have discovered and experienced ourselves, a major mistake that most small business owners make.  They market, market, market until they get a sufficient amount of clients, then they stop marketing. Don’t make this mistake.  Clients come and go for various reasons, so you must always keep a good flow of new clients. Don’t wait until you only have a few and then you have to play catch up.  It can’t be feast or famine.  It needs to be constantly a feast.  Keep the pipeline filled with new clients.  Set aside at least 10 hours a week for marketing.  This does not include going to networking meetings.  It means you devote time to developing a variety of ways to get more clients and grow your business. Brainstorm new ideas and create marketing tasks, goals, and materials.  This is a key to success.

How Do We Do It?

We started what we call Marketing Monday. We set aside time every Monday and a few additional hours during the week to focus on our marketing. At least 10 hours a week. We have a brainstorming meeting every Monday to develop ideas and implement them.  After we develop a plan, we create marketing materials for each campaign. We meet briefly every morning to track progress.

Marketing plans can include:

  • Developing an Internet marketing calendar
  • Constantly adding new information to your website to keep clients coming back
  • Reviewing your website’s performance (analytics) at least monthly and addressing any weaknesses
  • Blogging
  • Creating and successfully implementing a social media campaign
  • Improving your ranking with search engines
  • Creating online marketing materials
  • Sending an e-newsletter like this one regularly
  • And much, much more

We Can Help

If you don’t have time for this task or have difficulty developing a constant stream of new marketing ideas and implementing them, we can help.  We assist numerous business owners with developing and implementing a marketing plan and creating effective materials.  We’re here to help.  Call us at 214-592-9191.

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