What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is an important SEO task that helps business owners create an effective and efficient online marketing plan. Performing and implementing keyword research will help their websites rank better with search engines and avoid wasting valuable time and money creating useless website content and ads.  It is recommended that business owners hire a professional, reputable SEO company to perform this task. Keyword research includes a report that provides detailed information that business owners can use to wisely plan online marketing and grow their businesses.

There is a lot of strategy and work involved to get high search engine rankings and to generate more traffic to a website.  If online content is written without doing keyword research, it will not get the desired results. Instead of blindly writing content, business owners should invest in hiring a professional to perform keyword research.  Investing in this essential service is a huge return on investment.

A detailed keyword research report contains a lot of valuable information, including the following:

  • The best and right keywords for SEO and online ads
  • Effective long-tail keywords
  • Phrase matches and related keywords

Use the Right Keywords

A keyword research report includes keywords that help businesses in a specific industry rank well on Google and Bing. It also provides a list of the right keywords that will work best for a specific targeted audience. Additional information in this extensive report includes, keyword search volume, keyword trends, keywords that competitors are using in their online ads, which companies are using certain keywords, and much more.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Business owners should not focus on just keywords that have high search volume.  It can be very beneficial to find and use long-tail keywords, which are keywords that have low search volume.  Using long-tail keywords makes it easier for a website to get a higher ranking because the competition is a lot lower.  Low volume keywords account for about 70 percent of all search traffic.

Use Related Keywords And Matching Phrases

Effective SEO also includes using variations of popular keywords. A keyword research report provides particular keywords, related keywords and keyword expressions. Having this type of information at their fingertips can help business owners plan better and see various options for their website content and online ads.

After the report has been compiled, business owners should use a content writer at an SEO company.  A skilled, highly-trained writer will provide excellent, SEO-friendly, keyword-rich content that will produce great search engine results.

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