Traffic Analytics Helps Businesses Make Better Marketing Decisions

Traffic Analytics Helps Businesses Make Better Marketing Decisions
Traffic Analytics

Traffic analytics is a valuable tool that helps business owners make sound decisions and grow their businesses. It puts an abundance of valuable data regarding your business and competitors’ businesses at your fingertips. Taking advantage of its numerous features and benefits will help you save time, spend your marketing dollars more wisely and run your business more effectively.

Traffic analytics provides you with valuable information about your business’ website traffic and online performance as well as that of your competitors. 

Use Traffic Analytics To Learn More About Your Competitors

Have you ever wondered about how your competitors are marketing their businesses?  Tools like Traffic Analytics will help you find out. Traffic analytics has lots of features that will show you what your competitors are doing behind the scenes. Traffic analytics will show you your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. You can easily determine how competitors spend their marketing/advertising dollars. The data is available 24/7 for you to review, analyze, compare and monitor as often as you like. With this tool, you can gather data from hundreds of competitors at once. Here is some of the traffic analytics information that you can access:

  • How much website traffic competitors receive daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • If their website visitors used desktop or mobile devices
  • If you are marketing to the same audience, such as people in the same zip code, region, etc.
  • The most popular pages on their websites
  • How long visitors stayed on each page they visited
  • Whether their website traffic came from paid advertising like Google AdWords, online searches, social media links, referrals (links from other websites) or direct visits (previous visitors or consumers who entered the URL when searching)
  • Who they are partnering with
  • Their most popular products or services
  • Which of their subdomains generate the most traffic
  • And much more

Use Traffic Analytics To Run Your Business More Effectively

Traffic analytics on your own website also provides lots of information for you to understand your customers and potential customers better.  This data can help you determine based on facts what is working and what isn’t working. Here is some of the information this tool provides about your website:

  • Number of website visitors
  • Number of new visitors
  • How many visitors came and immediately left your website (bounces)
  • How many pages they visited
  • Which pages they visited
  • How long were they on your website
  • How long were they on each page they visited
  • Which pages were the most popular
  • Which of your products or services are the most popular
  • If they came from sites that have links to your website (referrals)
  • If they came from a social media website
  • If they visited your site as a result of paid online advertising
  • And much more

Use Traffic Analytics If You’re Planning To Expand Your Business

If you’re considering expanding your company into other cities, states, regions or countries, a traffic analytics tool can provide huge amounts of data to help you make educated decisions. Here is some of the information you can find out:

  • Cities, regions, states or country where your competitors are active
  • What types of marketing/advertising your competitors are using in other areas
  • Your competitors’ marketing/advertising strengths and weaknesses in other areas
  • And much more

Use Traffic Analytics To Find Best Business Partners

You can also use a traffic analytics tool to determine the best companies that are potential partners for your business. Doing this will help you avoid wasting time trying to connect with partners that will not benefit your business. Additionally, it helps you check data from hundreds of companies at once. You can compare and evaluate data such as the following on each of them:

  • The source of most of their traffic
  • Number of visits to their website
  • Number of people who left their website immediately (bounces)
  • Pages they visited on the websites
  • Their most popular website pages
  • How long did visitors stay on each page they visited
  • The types of potential customers are they targeting
  • Their marketing/advertising strengths and weaknesses
  • And much more

Use Traffic Analytics to Find Best Investments or Business Start Ups

Do you want to invest in a new business or start one?  A traffic analytics tool can help you determine if it is a sound business decision.  It can provide crucial data from several new industries or intriguing startups at once for you to review, monitor, analyze and compare. You can determine who the industry leaders and big players are by reviewing the following data:

  • Their website traffic
  • Sources of website traffic
  • Number of people who left their website immediately (bounces)
  • What pages they visited on the website
  • Their most popular website pages
  • How long did visitors stay on each page they visited
  • Their marketing tactics
  • Their marketing strengths and weaknesses

When you consider all the features and benefits, using traffic analytics will definitely help you work smarter, make educated decisions and spend more wisely.

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