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Facebook Marketing Success Video Course

Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Students are added by instructors.
Course Language: English
Kevin Knott
Kevin Knott
As an Internet Marketing Specialist, I provide affordable internet marketing solutions such as domain name registration, web hosting, web design, search engine optimization and social networking. I enjoy helping businesses market their business on the internet. I feel the most satisfaction when a client receives new customers/sales using the tools ...
Facebook Marketing Success Video Course

About this course

This 4-part course will help you learn how to successfully market your business on Facebook. It outlines how to determine the best Facebook goals for your type of business. It also reveals the steps on how to develop an effective Facebook marketing plan and how to monitor and measure the plan’s success. You will also find out about various helpful resources to simplify your Facebook marketing.

This course includes the following parts:

Part 1—Intro to Facebook Marketing - 4:07 minutes

Almost everyone has a Facebook account (and about 3/4 of all U.S. adults check it regularly). There is simply no other platform so consistently and universally used all around the globe. This video includes statistics and valuable information to support why you should be marketing your business on Facebook.

Part 2—Facebook Marketing Goals - 8:09 Minutes

Establishing marketing goals is critical to the success of your Facebook marketing. Countless entrepreneurs and businesses have setup a Facebook presence, made a few posts, and then let it sit untouched for months or even years. This is usually due to a lack or absence of goals. Before you even begin establishing any sort of Facebook presence or strategy, you need to establish clear marketing goals. This video will outline the various Facebook marketing goals.

Part 3—Establishing a Presence - 8:11 Minutes

To reach your audience, gain followers, conduct market research or accomplish any goals, you’ll need to establish a presence on Facebook. The type of presence you create will depend largely on what you hope to accomplish.  This video will outline how to set up your Facebook fan page properly.

Part 4—Content Strategy - 10:08 Minutes

After you have established your presence, it’s time to start cranking out some quality organic marketing content. This video will provide lots of ideas on the types of content you can create, curate, and leverage in your Facebook marketing.