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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing Goals for Success


Facebook Marketing Goals It is important for business owners to establish Facebook marketing goals to increase their Facebook marketing success. Many business owners set up a Facebook fan page, post some content, and then rarely add new content or update the page. This is usually because they have not set Facebook marketing goals. Just like…

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Facebook Marketing Tips–Maximizing Facebook's Potential

Facebook Marketing Tips

This blog provides essential Facebook marketing tips you can use to maximize your Facebook marketing potential, both for your brand or your business. Create a Facebook Page That Will Truly Represent Your Brand. It’s as easy as signing up your personal account! A Facebook page is designed to bridge your brand to your customers while giving…

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How Effective is Your Facebook Fan Page?

The Facebook Page Insights tool helps you determine how effectively you are marketing your facebook fan page.  You can find information about page overview, users, and interactions.  You can get monthly or weekly stats.  You can also export the information into Excel. This powerful tool puts lots of information at your fingertips, including: Whether your…

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How to Use Twitter for Business

how to use twitter for business

Use Twitter to build relationships and trust around yourself and your business. It can help you increase sales, get more leads or satisfy your customers. You must have a plan and understand Twitter rules. It can help you develop long lasting relationships, help people understand your business and build a level of trust and familiarity that…

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