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Facebook Marketing Goals for Success

By Kevin Knott | Apr 10, 2018

Facebook Marketing Goals It is important for business owners to establish Facebook marketing goals to increase their Facebook marketing success. Many business owners set up a Facebook fan page, post some content, and then rarely add new content or update the page. This is usually because they have not set Facebook marketing goals. Just like…

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WordPress Site Maintenance Is Essential For Your Website

By Kevin Knott | Oct 21, 2017

As WordPress continues to evolve, the need for regular WordPress site maintenance, site backups, plugin and theme updates increases. It’s essential your WordPress site is always accessible and loading quickly to provide visitors a good, positive impression of your business. It’s a fact that visitors leave a website immediately when the website loads slowly or…

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Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tips–Maximizing Facebook’s Potential

By Kevin Knott | Feb 23, 2017

This blog provides essential Facebook marketing tips you can use to maximize your Facebook marketing potential, both for your brand or your business. Create a Facebook Page That Will Truly Represent Your Brand. It’s as easy as signing up your personal account! A Facebook page is designed to bridge your brand to your customers while giving…

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2015 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner

TK Internet Marketing receives 2015 Constant Contact All Star Award

By Kevin Knott | Apr 18, 2016

TK Internet Marketing recently received the 2015 Constant Contact All Star Award, which recognizes excellence in online marketing.  TK Internet Marketing, based in McKinney, TX, provides online marketing services, such as search engine optimization, website design, E-mail marketing, and content writing. Constant Contact, Inc. which provides online marketing tools for hundreds of thousands of small businesses…

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

By Kevin Knott | Apr 21, 2015

On April 21, Google will start taking mobile-friendliness into account as a ranking signal in Google searches. This means websites that are not mobile-friendly will see a severe negative impact on their search ranking and organic traffic, but sites that are mobile-friendly will likely see a boost! Here’s an article from the New York Times. FAQs What exactly…

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Constant Contact All Star Logo

TK Internet Marketing receives 2014 Constant Contact All Star Award

By Kevin Knott | Feb 12, 2015

TK Internet Marketing, an Internet marketing company based in McKinney, TX, recently received a 2014 Solution Provider All Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than 600,000 small organizations worldwide. This award recognizes achievements in using online marketing tools to drive success for clients. The award, given annually to the…

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A Quick and Easy Way To Capture Email Addresses

A Quick and Easy Way To Capture Email Addresses

By Kevin Knott | Jun 13, 2014

People ask me all the time “what’s the best way to capture email addresses. I wanted to focus on one way in this post. I recently started using iCapture to make it easier for us to collect email addresses on our computer, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets and Kindle Fire devices. The possibilities are endless! With…

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Online Marketing Pyramid Showing Blogs Websites Social Media And Email Lists

Small Business Marketing in 10 Hours a Week

By Kevin Knott | Mar 25, 2014

Small Business Marketing Throughout our 11 years in business, we have discovered and experienced ourselves, a major mistake that most small business owners make.  They market, market, market until they get a sufficient amount of clients, then they stop marketing. Don’t make this mistake.  Clients come and go for various reasons, so you must always…

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McKinney facebook training

How Effective is Your Facebook Fan Page?

By Kevin Knott | Mar 10, 2014

The Facebook Page Insights tool helps you determine how effectively you are marketing your facebook fan page.  You can find information about page overview, users, and interactions.  You can get monthly or weekly stats.  You can also export the information into Excel. This powerful tool puts lots of information at your fingertips, including: Whether your…

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